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April 23, 2020 2 min read

Source the Right Face Mask

As you supply your workforce with face masks, it’s important to understand what to look for when evaluating a face mask manufacturer. Not all masks are created equal, and we’re here to share why. Here are 5 guidelines to consider when choosing a face mask for your employees.


Choose a Face Mask with Superior Material

The material in which a face mask is designed is critical to ensure a comfortable and durable mask. The CDC recommends face masks with a material that not only allows breathing without restriction but can survive washing without damage. Marena’s Reusable Antibacterial Face Mask is designed with our patented TriFlex™ fabric (infused with active silver antibacterial protection), which can stretch beyond its original length and be washed multiple times without losing effectiveness. This enables reusability and keeps costs low.


Ensure the Mask is of High Quality

Sourcing a face mask of high quality starts with the materials used in production: a superior material, type of thread and straps, the sewing technique used, etc. It’s important to ensure the face mask is durable and manufactured well. The manufacturing process should include hand-sewn production and strong quality assurance procedure. Marena includes both of these in the development processes of our post-surgical compression garments, compression shapewear, and compression activewear collections.  



Consider the Level of Protection

Ensuring the proper level of protection is essential to selecting the right mask for your teams. The CDC recommends face masks that are designed with multiple layers of material to ensure the barrier between the face and the environment is robust. Our Reusable Antibacterial Face Mask is designed with downward facing pleats, and adjustable ear loops to ensure the fit allows for proper protection of the nose and mouth.


U.S. Based Manufacturing

As we begin to receive stimulus payments, it’s encouraged to contribute to American made products. Partnering with an American face mask manufacturer helps support jobs within our communities and the greater economy. Sourcing domestically ensures that the face masks are manufactured with rigorous USA regulations.


Source Through a Medical Device Manufacturer

Homemade or D.I.Y. style face masks can be much less protective than a manufactured face mask. Often, D.I.Y. style masks have larger pores than medical-grade materials, allowing a much higher percentage of particles to pass through the fabric. Similar issues can arise with manufactured cloth masks. While the construction of the face mask may be more durable than the one made in your kitchen, there’s still room for improvement. The best option is to source face masks from a medical device manufacturer.

As a medical device manufacturer, Marena ensures all face masks are developed with medical-grade materials. In addition, medical device companies are required to abide by strict quality and regulatory practices set by the FDA and ISO. From the equipment used, to the sewing technique, to materials, a medical device manufacturer provides the highest quality and protection possible.
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