September 16, 2020 2 min read

Not all compression fabrics are created equal

Trusted by over 5000 physicians worldwide, Marena’s compression solutions remain unmatched in the post-surgical compression industry.  Why is Marena different? Our proprietary TriFlex™ compression fabric provides ultra-comfortable, consistent compression without compromising fit. Compared to the commonly known Powernet fabric, our post-surgical compression fabric is like no other. Here’s why.

The fabric composition is vastly different

Our TriFlex™ compression fabric is designed with an exclusive interwoven X fiber weave that provides a softer feel on the skin than alternative compression fabrics. Designed with 49% Soft LYCRA® Spandex and 51% TACTEL® Nylon, our fabric produces a 3D stretch for optimal comfort all day.

On the contrary, Powernet’s construction was developed many decades ago and is known for a rougher feel against the body’s silhouette. Opposite of TriFlex™ fabric, Powernet is designed with tightly wrapped fibers, only 25% standard Spandex, and 75% standard Nylon, producing a restricted 2-way stretch as the body moves.


Proprietary TriFlex™ technology and innovation creates a unique wearing experience

From superior stretch to antibacterial protection to keeping you cool, TriFlex™ fabric makeup and construction offers unique functionality not found in competitor fabrics

  • 3D-Stretch: Stretches up to 100% more compared to Powernet, moves with you, and does not constrict or bind
  • Antimicrobial protection: Active silver antibacterial protection is integrated into our fabric
  • Moisture control: Designed to wick moisture away from the body, our garments will keep you cool and dry.
  • Durability: 10 washes, 40% stretching for 32 hours, less than 3% change in power
  • Sun Protection: UPF 50 rated sun protection

Customers experience undeniable comfort

From post-surgical patients to everyday compression junkies, our unique compression fabric offers a wearing experience more comfortable than the alternative.

Here's what our customers have to say:

“The fabric is wonderful against my skin. The original garment after surgery caused itchy skin and did not have the high back. I ordered and started using this body suit 2 weeks post-op. I love the coverage on this and the super soft smooth feeling of the fabric." - Rebecca B, New York

“Great fit, nice soft fabric, very well constructed and amazing support!!!" - Pat M, Georgia

“Amazing quality and feeling!!!!! I don't even feel like I'm wearing it! Hands down it's better than the ones I got from my doctor after my surgery. I am definitely getting more in different sizes! Absolutely love it!" - Niloufar M, Virginia


Interested in learning more about our proprietary compression fabric? Follow the link below or call Customer Care at 888-462-7362 for assistance.


TriFlex™ Fabric Advantage


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