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Breast Augmentation

How Long Ago Was The Surgery?

Customer Stories

Everyone's recovery journey is different, so we invite our customers to share their real stories. This is Rachel T's experience of recovering from surgery after breast augmentation.

Within 10 minutes of wearing the bra, the pain upon movement that I'd been constantly experiencing, stopped.

— Rachel T.

These bras seemed to have been designed by detail-oriented super-specialists who put all their skill, expertise and knowledge into the quality, design and comfort for breast recovery patients like me.

— Rachel T.

I am truly forever grateful and believe that this bra is a large part of the reason that I have the results that I do 6 weeks post.op.

— Rachel T.

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How Marena Recovery bras help you recover with comfortable support

Every Marena Recovery bra is designed to provide the comfortable support. We design each bra to support the breast and underarm areas in comfort. Our exclusive, patented fabric is designed for comfort through extended wear.

How Marena Recovery bras help you recover with comfortable support
Measure Yourself

Measure Yourself

Accurate sizing is essential for proper fit and comfortable support.

Our How To Measure For A Bra video will show you how to get your 3 bust measurements for a perfect fit in our bras or camisoles.

What you need:

  1. A tape measure
  2. A mirror
  3. A notepad or phone to record measurements

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