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Reusable Antibacterial Face Mask for Children - 500 Pack | For Professionals

Washable, reusable fabric face mask with active silver antibacterial protection to help guard the face, nose, and mouth against the spread of respiratory droplets and splashes.

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  • Washable, reusable fabric face mask with active silver antibacterial protection to guard face, nose, and mouth against the spread of larger respiratory droplets and splashes. While this mask will provide some protection against, it will not act as a barrier against the spread of smaller respiratory droplets or germ particles. Lightweight, one-piece design covers the nose and mouth, with comfortable ear straps to ensure the mask stays in place. Designed for children 6 – 16 years old.

    Sizes available:

    • SMALL: 5.5in x 3in | 13.97cm x 7.62cm
    • MEDIUM: 6in x 3.25in | 15.24cm x 8.25cm
    • LARGE: 6.5in x 3.5in | 16.5cm x 8.89cm



    • Good airflow and breathability
    • Washable up to 75 times without losing effectiveness, even at high temperatures - ≥160°F (≥71°C)
    • May be steam cleaned at temperatures between 212°F (100°C) and 270°F (132°C)
    • Ironing is permitted at temperatures up to 365°F (185°C)
    • Antibacterial protection, with the elemental power of active silver, is integrated into the fabric
    • Soft, skin-friendly TriFlex™ fabric with 3D Stretch for optimal comfort
    • The clean-finished, soft edge under the eyes does not leave an imprint on the skin surface

    *Reusable Antibacterial Face Masks are FINAL SALE. No returns or exchanges. 

    *Promotional offers not valid on this product. All colors subject to availability.

    How To Put On:
    When putting the mask on, place shiny side to face. The contrasting color seam, known as a bar tack, should be near the chin. Put loops over ears, and adjust to cover the nose and mouth. The mask should be snug but comfortable.

    How To Safely Remove:
    To remove the mask, avoid touching the outer layer of mask or face. Remove from ears, only touching loops, and immediately put into washer, sterilizer, or safe storage. It is best performed under adult supervision. Avoid putting the face mask around neck or forehead.

    How to Clean:
    Clean mask by washing or sterilizing before each use. Sanitize hands immediately after handling worn masks each time. Clean after multiple use or if soiled. Discard if damaged or torn.


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