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August 2, 2022 – Now available from Marena Maternity™ is the innovative new Bump & Back Support Belt for expectant mothers. True to its name, the product will provide stability for both the belly and back, as well as the pelvis, while keeping the skin cool and comfortable with Marena’s proprietary SKINRICH™ fabric containing known skin moisturizers rosehip and sweet almond oil.

 A pliable foam insert helps transfer pressure away from the belly and back and stabilizes the lower abdomen so pregnant mothers can avoid a swaying back, maintain better posture, and feel supported as their bellies grow. The belt also cradles the belly, reducing the heavy feeling by holding it in one position and preventing it from moving side-to-side, which can help reduce fatigue. A hook-&-loop front closure allows for up to five inches of belly growth.

 The support belt’s launch coincides with a recent survey conducted by Marena Maternity™, which found that a heavy belly and an aching back are among the top complaints by pregnant moms.

 “We reached out to more than 3,000 moms and discovered that back pain and a heavy belly are considered the most challenging physical aspects of pregnancy, preceded only by overall fatigue,” said Colin Marafko, The Marena Group’s chief marketing and e-commerce officer. “These findings validate the necessity for a product like our Bump & Back Support Belt that helps ease the discomforts of pregnancy in the areas moms need it the most.”

The Bump & Back Support Belt is the latest product in The Marena Group’s newly launched Marena Maternity™ line of pregnancy and post-pregnancy compression and support garments for new and expecting moms. Each of the products will feature the same science-backed, innovative designs as Marena’s post-surgical, shapewear and activewear lines, and targets common concerns associated with pregnancy and childbirth including back pain, belly support, and cesarean section recovery. Additionally, users will benefit from posture improvement, skin smoothing, and silhouette shaping. Based in Atlanta, Marena is a global leader in the manufacturing of medical-grade compression and shapewear with more than 28 years of expertise in the industry.

The Marena Maternity™ line currently includes 10 new products to create a complete buying journey for moms – the Bump and Back Support Belt, plus shapers for both natural and cesarean births, maternity leggings, camis, bras and binders.

“Marena’s nearly 30 years of experience creating medical-grade compression garments for post-surgical recovery has earned the trust and respect of surgeons across the globe,” said Linda Burhance, chief product officer.  “The bodies of new mothers can also benefit from that same science, which is why we have applied our knowledge to a product line that supports, provides comfort, and assists with recovery at every stage of pregnancy and after delivery. Our garments are not only backed by expertise and innovation, but they help women feel and look their best during this remarkable stage of their life.”

 Products are available on, Amazon, other e-tailers, and through hospitals and international distributors.

 About The Marena Group

The Marena Group LLC is a U.S. medical device manufacturer with over 28 years of experience in the healthcare sector. Our products are sold across the United States and in 60 countries globally. Marena's mission is to help patients around the world recover comfortably and with confidence. Since 1994, Marena has been dedicated to advancing the effective use of medical-grade compression through research, innovation, design and manufacturing of garments for post-surgical recovery and long-term wellness benefits.

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