Helps Prevent New Scars

Sheets lock in moisture reducing the buildup of scar tissue, creating a smooth surface over time.

Helps Treat Existing Scars

Silicone sheets softens and hydrates the skin, improving the appearance of existing scars and causing them to fade.

Stays flat On The Skin

The thickness of the silicone ensures it lays flat, preventing the skin from wrinkling under the adhesive sheet.

Flexible and Easy To Apply

It adapts to any part of the body. Its elasticity allows for smooth application even on joints.

Washable and Reusable

Can be hand washed and reapplied for up to 2-4 weeks before needing replacement.



Wash your hands & clean the scar. Ensure it’s dry and without creams or ointments.


Measure the scar and cut the sheet big enough to cover it.


Remove the protective layers and apply the adhesive side over the scar.


Start by applying for 4 hours per day for the first 2 days. Increase time by 2 hours per day.


Clean the sheet with warm water and mild soap between use. Let it dry naturally.


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