How To Wear Compression Garments

What to Expect

Everyone experiences the feeling of compression differently, but your compression wear should feel comfortable. With the right fit, compression garments feel like a gentle hug. The seams are sewn on the outside for comfort.

Marena Recovery garments are recognized as a Class 1 medical device. Accurate sizing is critical for optimal performance. Please measure yourself and use our size chart to identify your correct size for this medical compression garment.

Please note: Your regular shirt or pant size will not be the same size as a Marena garment. Please measure yourself and use the appropriate size chart to find your Marena size.

Give us a call if you have questions.

Please consult your medical provider regarding style and sizing selection for your recovery garment.

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How to Put on Compression Garments

For bodysuits, shirts, or leggings

Step into the garment one leg at a time. Gently pull up the garment to the body. Align the crotch opening as you pull the garment up. Close the hooks one by one and/or zip the zipper until the garment is fully in place, as applicable. Last step is to pull up and adjust the shoulder straps.

For bras or vests

Slide each arm into the arm holes or sleeves. Close the hook and eyes and/or zipper in front, use the middle row or the most comfortable setting to start. You can adjust to find the most comfortable position. After adjusting the front close, adjust the shoulder straps to be even and the most comfortable position.

For face masks

Place chin in the chin cup (located with the vertical seam). Close the hook-and-loop closure over the head about 2" behind the forehead. Close the hook-and-loop closure behind the neck.

For arm or calf sleeves

Open the garment at the widest part and pull open to slide in your foot or hand. Gently pull up the arm or calf and ensure sleeve is smooth and evenly stretched on the limb.

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