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Marena Maternity™ C-Section Post-Pregnancy Shaper - Bikini Length | Style No. MM-CSPPSA

Enhance your body’s power to heal after childbirth. The Marena Maternity™ C-Section Post-Pregnancy Shaper-Bikini Length is expertly engineered to help you heal after a cesarean birth. Welcome to the Marena family.

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  • Enhance your body’s power to heal. The Marena Maternity™ C-Section Post-Pregnancy Shaper Bikini is designed to support and protect the abdominal muscles for all-day comfort. This postpartum garment features expertly placed reinforcement panels that provide soft, targeted compression, which may help flatten the appearance of scarring, minimize pain and bruising.

    Compression may also help shrink the uterus back to pre-pregnancy size more quickly and reduce swelling. Microfiber padded zippers positioned on each side partially unzip to keep incisions protected from tugging and pulling while dressing. An accessible crotch provides ease of use for extended wear.

    Developed with our proprietary TriFlex™ fabric, the MM-CSPPSA features moisture-wicking and cooling properties, active silver antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic protection.

    Marena has been the trusted compression brand by aesthetic surgeons for over 28 years. We bring that know-how to benefit moms now.

    Support Your Body During Pregnancy, Reclaim It After Giving Birth. Science You Can Wear All Day.


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