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Breathable Lipo Foam

Experience a comfortable recovery with Breathable Lipo Foam. Marena’s breathable lipo foam sheets are expertly engineered to provide even, consistent pressure and help facilitate healing after your liposuction or other aesthetic procedures.

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  • Experience a comfortable recovery with Marena’s Breathable Lipo Foam designed to help reduce bruising and swelling following an aesthetic procedure, like liposuction, by providing even, consistent pressure over targeted surgical areas. The Breathable Lipo Foam is worn under your compression garment for added support and pressure in a localized area.

    Our Breathable Lipo Foam wicks away moisture and fluids to keep you cool and comfortable while providing air circulation needed for healing. The Breathable Lipo Foam helps to flatten and smooth the skin, easily conforms to different areas of the body, and provides support without pinching, rolling, or coming apart. Recover comfortably with the added support provided by our Breathable Lipo Foam. That’s science you can wear all day.

    • Helps provide even, consistent pressure over targeted surgical areas
    • Comfortably conforms to body without pinching or rolling
    • Breathable material allows air circulation for healing
    • Moisture wicking and cooling
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Rounded corners help prevent irritation of surgical site and allow for easier placement underneath garment
    • Can be used as additional cushioning for tender or uncomfortable areas
    • Should not be used on open wounds
    • Can be cut to desired size


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