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Short Vest - Style No. MVS

This short vest is ideal for coverage of the chest and back when abdominal coverage is not needed.

Size Guide
  • The MVS is perfect for when abdominal coverage is not needed in a vest. It is also ideal to reduce any unwanted fabric bunching on men with shorter torsos. This short vest covers to above the belly button. Features a padded zipper front closure, adjustable hook-&-loop shoulder straps, and a wide elastic band at the bottom to keep from rolling up.

    • Padded zipper front closure
    • Adjustable hook-&-loop shoulder straps
    • Wide elastic waistband
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    Kaden S.
    United States United States

    Life saver for top surgery

    My surgeon for top surgery was going to put me in ace bandages and hardly ever deals with binders. I brought this on on my day of surgery half expecting to have to use Ace bandages anyway, but woke up with it on. One of the post-op nurses complemented it and it’s a huge relief that I was able to wear it. It’s as comfortable as can be reasonably expected for a post-surgical binder. The zipper is a little tricky but once you get the hang of it, it works great. I was worried about the Velcro but don’t feel it at all.

    Az A.
    United States United States

    Sleek and Comfy

    Love how many compression options they fit in one binder.

    Paul S.
    United States United States

    Incredibly Comfortable

    I absolutely loved the comfortability of this garment. I have to wear it for 6 weeks and I know I won’t have an issue with it. Only thing I did not like was that the shoulder straps would not sit flat and stick up slightly. Other than that I loved this vest.

    United States United States

    worth it after getting used to it

    I bought this garment (MVS style, size Large, black color) starting my second week of recovery for top surgery/double mastectomy recovery. In a perfect world. I would have bought it prior to the procedure, but I personally felt like I couldn't take an accurate measurement until my chest was flatter. The first week I wore this (week 2 - week 3 of my surgery recovery, after initial surgical dressings came off), I felt that the garment was the tiniest bit too tight and felt uncomfortable. While I contemplated returning it, I thought that getting a larger size would not give me the compression I needed. I attribute the initial discomfort to the fact that I am not used to compression wear of any kind, and never wore a chest binder prior to surgery. After 5+ days of continuous wear during the day, I think the garment relaxed a bit, and I now greatly prefer it to compression garment the hospital sent me home with. I wish I purchased 2 instead of 1! I want to reiterate that, while I did think it was too tight when wearing it for the first time, I was able to breath normally, including when I did light physical activity. To anyone reading this, try it out for a few days before determining if you want a different size (unless you can't breath normally, it causes you pain, etc., then do not wear it). I do not think that the adjustment period is a mark against this product, and is comparable to breaking in a brand new pair of high-quality shoes. Ultimately, I give this product 4/5. If it was possible, I'd specify a 4.9/5 bc I still really like this product except for the following: My only issue with this vest is that I wish it had a longer velcro area so that I could make the shoulder straps shorter. If I want to shorten them to my preference, the velcro sits halfway off the loop (the wooly patch that the velcro hooks cling to). I don't like how it feels when the velcro isn't totally secure, and also worry the velcro hooks will damage the fabric beyond the loop. The vest is still perfectly usable, and even though the shoulder straps aren't at my 100% preferred length (I may potentially fix this by adding more loop myself, depending on how long my surgeon wants me to wear compression garments) , I still totally recommend this product! Due to developing a seroma during recovery, I will likely need to wear compression gear for longer than the average post-surgery patient, and am actually looking forward to wearing my vest for a few months more. :)

    Diana L.
    United States United States

    Post top surgery

    This was ideal for my recovery after top surgery. I’m transmasc and needed a compression top. My doctor recommended this brand. It’s worth the price!


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