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Silicone Scar Anchor

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  • Protect your skin from scarring with Marena’s Silicone Scar Anchors. Our silicone scar anchors are expertly engineered to minimize and prevent scars following under-the-muscle breast augmentations.

    Silicone Scar Anchors help minimize and prevent hypertrophic and keloid scars from forming by limiting the movement of the skin so the scar can heal smooth and flat. Washable and reusable anchor strips can be worn under your FlexFit™ bra following an under-the-muscle breast augmentation.

    Our biocompatible, medical-grade active silicone helps reduce and balance the production of collagen at the source, and keeps the skin hydrated to help prevent scars from forming. Designed with an adhesive that’s gentle on your skin so you can remove, wash, and reuse without causing trauma to the incision site. The sheet thickness (1.5 mm/0.06 inch) helps flatten the scar and prevent wrinkling on the skin.

    Two per pack.

    • Helps prevent keloid and hypertrophic scars following under-the-muscle breast augmentations
    • Helps treat existing scars
    • Flexible and easy to apply
    • Thickness (1.5 mm/0.06 in) prevents wrinkles on the skin
    • Worn on the breast following under the muscle augmentations
    • Water, washable and reusable
    • Clear and transparent 
    • Adhesive that’s gentle on the skin
    • Can be cut to size
    • Can be worn with your compression garment
    • Can be used following the removal of sutures or stitches


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