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December 02, 2020 2 min read

Where to Start

One of the most critical factors to ensure optimal functionality of a compression garment is selecting the right size. Marena garments are engineered to provide consistent, targeted, comfortable compression. When sized correctly, the garment should feel like a gentle hug — snug and comfortable, never tight or restrictive. Wearing the right size will ensure optimal comfort and support.

Compression vs Regular Clothing Sizes

An important thing to consider when ordering a garment is this — your size will almost always differ from your clothing size. While you may typically wear a medium in most tops or bottoms, it is unlikely you will wear a medium in a Marena garment. Why? The grading of post-surgical compression differs than that of regular clothing. Our garments are designed to provide a defined contour to the body, while regular clothing allows for slight variation. For this reason, it’s important to carefully measure yourself and follow our size charts prior to placing an order.

Selecting the Right Marena Size

  • Step 1 | Identify the Correct Size Chart — As you prepare to order a Marena compression garment, take a moment to identify which size chart corresponds with your garment. To view all size guides, click here.
  • Step 2 | Identify Points of Measure— Points of measure will differ based on the garment selected, so writing them down will help to stay organized. Refer to the corresponding size chart for the required points of measure.
  • Step 3 | Measure Yourself — If possible, ask a friend for help. If you are measuring yourself, use a mirror so you can ensure the measuring tape is straight and level.

Using a soft tape measure, ensure it lays flush against the skin and does not indent or dig in. Always start the tape measure at zero to ensure accurate measurements. If you are measuring for a post-surgical garment, always measure with the surgical site in mind.

Measure with Confidence

Keep these tips in mind when taking your measurements.

Between Two Sizes? Consult Your Physician

If your measurements fall between two sizes, consult with your doctor to determine the best size for your recovery needs. Based on procedurally specific recovery protocols, your doctor may advise to size up or down, or select an alternative style altogether.

Ready to place an order? Shop our post-surgical, shapewear, and activewear compression garments, below. 


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