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Reasons to Exercise After a Tummy Tuck

The abdominoplasty — more commonly known as the tummy tuck — is a cosmetic surgery procedure that eliminates excess fat and skin from the abdominal region in order to make an individual look more trim and fit. It is a very popular plastic surgery procedure, largely because it allows people to achieve a desired look that they can easily maintain. 

The key to maintaining those incredible results is to exercise after you’re healed from a tummy tuck and your doctor clears you for exercise. While you will have to wait until the initial tummy tuck recovery period is over, you should resume a light exercise routine consisting of specific, targeted exercises in order to improve and prolong your results. When you combine a post tummy tuck exercise plan with the best targeted compression garments, you’ll feel confident knowing that your results are going to last for months and years to come.

Best Exercises After a Tummy Tuck

You should always get clearance from your surgeon before you begin exercising after your tummy tuck procedure. However, when you do begin your exercise regimen again, you will want to make sure that it incorporates specific movements and techniques that are designed to enhance the abdominal area. These are the best exercises to do in the months following your tummy tuck procedure.

Abdominal Exercises for Core Strengthening

Given the fact that the tummy tuck surgery focuses solely on the core, abdominal exercises will play a pivotal role in maintaining the benefits of your surgery. You will want to work closely with your surgeon and evaluate which exercises will best complement your personal goals as well as your current health. 

These are a few abdominal exercises for core strengthening that you can consider after healing from your tummy tuck surgery:

  • Russian Twists — Russian twists are a very simple core exercise that you can do, and these movements can have a big impact on your tummy tuck results. To perform Russian twists, you will want to sit on the floor with both knees bent. Keep your torso straight and off the ground, and then twist to the side and swing your arm over. This exercise should be done in a consistent, repetitive motion in order to have the most impact. 
  • Dead Bugs — Dead bugs is another powerful core strengthening exercise that is easy to perform after your tummy tuck recovery. To complete this exercise, lay flat on your back on a padded mat. Bend your knees so that they are at a 45-degree angle and lift your arms straight over your body. Extend one leg and the opposite arm out straight, and slowly bring them back to the original position. Then, stretch the opposite leg and arm. Repeat this consistently in order to get the best results.
  • Medicine Ball Crunch — To perform this exercise, you will need a medicine ball. Lay flat on your back and bend your knees while leaving your feet flat. Lift the medicine ball above your head, and crunch upwards to the right. Then, crunch to the left. Each movement is one rep, and you should complete several reps when exercising in order to get the best results.
  • Weighted Planks — The weighted plank exercise should be performed with a partner. Assume a planking position and ask your exercise partner to place the weight on your upper back, between your shoulder blades. Remain in the position until you begin to feel fatigued and ask your partner to remove the weight before you release the position.

Cardio & Aerobics to Keep Your Body Lean

Cardio and aerobic exercises are an important part of exercise after tummy tuck. Not only will these exercise routines help to keep you lean and prevent the build-up of fat in your abdominal area, but they also will provide you with a natural boost of energy and happiness. This is particularly important when you are learning to love your new body and adjust to life after surgery.

These are some of the best cardio and aerobics exercises to enjoy after your tummy tuck procedure has been performed:

  • Running or Jogging — One of the best cardio exercises to enjoy in the weeks and months following your surgery is running or jogging. If you preferred one of these activities prior to your surgery, then you should be able to pick up where you left off  after your surgery. If you have never been much of a runner before, you may want to begin with light jogs at short intervals and work your way up.
  • Swimming — Swimming is another wonderful exercise to consider after  your surgery. This is because swimming can feel both relaxing and enjoyable while still being a powerful, low-impact exercise that helps keep you feeling fit and lean. It is important to work closely with your surgeon to determine the best strokes to use when swimming after a tummy tuck.
  • Cycling — Cycling is a flexible and convenient cardio exercise, particularly with the increasing popularity of indoor cycling exercise equipment. You will find that cycling helps to increase your muscle strength following your tummy tuck while also boosting your endurance and keeping you lean. You can enjoy a light ride around your community, or you may find that you prefer cycling on your own equipment from the comfort of your own home.
  • Rowing — Rowing is another cardio exercise that can help you maintain and preserve the results of your tummy tuck surgery while also giving you a chance to connect with nature. If you can't get out on a boat, consider taking advantage of the rowing machine at the local gym in order to enjoy the benefits of this specific type of movement.

Weight Training to Keep Toned

In the weeks following your tummy tuck procedure, you will be able to see a visible difference in your abdominal area. One of the best parts about this surgery is feeling fit and toned once again. However, in order to maintain your new look and to continue improving your results, you will want to consider weight training to keep toned after your doctor approves.

These are some weight training exercises that you could benefit from in the months following your tummy tuck:

  • Goblet Squats — The goblet squat is an excellent weight training exercise because it truly works your entire body. To perform this exercise, you need to have a kettle ball or dumbbell on hand. You will want to hold your piece of equipment in your hands and near your chest. Then, you proceed to squat down until your knees reach a 45-degree angle and come back up. This is a beginner-level exercise that is easy for most to master, making it an ideal option after your surgery. 
  • Glute Bridges or Hip Thrusts — This is a simple yet effective exercise that will work your abdominal area as well as your glute. Lay flat on your back and bend your knees while keeping your feet flat on the floor. Then, put your hands on your hips and lift your hips up so that they are level with your knees. Repeat this motion several times to complete the exercise.
  • Lunges — Lunges are a classic exercise that have a big impact on your overall health and well-being. To complete a lunge, bend one knee forward while stretching your other leg back. Then, lean your upper body forward and stretch toward your bended knee. Repeat this motion on the opposite side.
  • Bicep & Triceps Curls — Bicep and triceps curls are a convenient exercise that can be added to just about any routine. To complete this exercise, hold a small weight in your hand, and curl your arm upward. You will want to work with your surgeon to determine the best weight for you during your recovery period.

Best Compression Garments After a Tummy Tuck

You should make sure that you wear the best compression garments after a tummy tuck in addition to implementing a new post tummy tuck exercise plan. Compression garments work to preserve your new physique and can help make your fresh results permanent. 

It is important to invest in compression garments that are specifically designed for post-surgical patients. Flexible yet firm compression garments will help to reduce the initial swelling following the procedure and can even help with pain management. A compression garment after tummy tuck procedure will help throughout every stage of your recovery:

  • In the weeks following your tummy tuck, your compression garments will help you feel as comfortable as possible while the swelling subsides. It’s important not to stretch or bend in ways your doctor has advised against. Marena’s garments provide targeted compression with antimicrobial active silver and a crotchless design. This ensures you can stay in the initial garment up to several days, depending on your surgeon's recommendation. Those who wear high-quality compression garments often find that they sleep and rest better during this initial stage of recovery.
  • In the first several months after your surgery, you will likely want to continue wearing compression garments in order to support your recovering body and preserve your results. Your compression garment after tummy tuck will tone your skin during this phase of your recovery as well as support your muscles.
  • After your initial recovery, you may find that you still want to wear compression garments in order to enhance your new look and continue enjoying your lifestyle. There are versatile and flexible compression garments that can be worn for months following the tummy tuck procedure, and patients find that this helps them feel relaxed, confident, and secure as their body finishes healing.

By creating a comprehensive tummy tuck recovery plan with your surgeon that includes light, targeted exercise as well as a compression garment schedule, you will be able to maximize your results following this cosmetic surgery procedure. Your tummy tuck will allow you to feel fit, fresh, and beautiful once again, and your new regimen will ensure that you enjoy a healthy, balanced lifestyle for the years to come.

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