For Post-Pregnancy Recovery


Pregnancy takes its toll and moms deserve to recover in comfort. Marena’s postpartum compression garments provide comfort and extra support after childbirth. These post-pregnancy garments are designed with our proprietary medical-grade compression fabric enhanced with superior stretch, antimicrobial properties, and are moisture-wicking and cooling. Marena offers postpartum garments in various sizes and styles to ensure you find the garment that accommodates your recovery needs. Our styles include leggings, bikini-length waist shapers, and waist shaper shorts. Welcome to the Marena Family.


  • Moisture-wicking and cooling fabric
  • 3-ply panels across the abdomen for targeted compression
  • Comfortable under clothing


  • May help decrease postpartum recovery time
  • May help your abdominal muscles and connective tissue return to their pre-pregnancy positions
  • May stabilize the core muscles to improve posture
  • Gentle compression may reduce swelling
  • May aid in repairing diastasis recti


  • Post-Pregnancy Abdominal Binder: Abdominal binders are used for support and healing. Wearing the binder may support your hips, help your body heal and relieve some discomfort after labor.
  • Post-Pregnancy Waist Trainer: Waist trainers or postpartum girdles worn after pregnancy may help you regain and support your waistline.
  • Postpartum Shaper Shorts: This silhouette-forming undergarment is expertly engineered to smooth and shape your waistline.


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