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March 20, 2020 2 min read

Where to Start

From compression bodysuits to girdles to sleeves, there are various styles of compression garments that may provide you with additional comfort. Compression sleeves, specifically, can be used in areas ranging from surgery to sports, and they offer relief in the arms and legs. Here’s a guide to when you might wear compression sleeves.


Plastic and cosmetic surgeries are the most common procedures to recommend surgical compression garments throughout your recovery. Doctors may recommend these garments to aid their patients in managing post-surgical symptoms like swelling and bruising. Compression garments are also designed to improve your comfort, allowing you to rest better and more easily while your body heals. More specifically, compression sleeves may be used after arm lifts or other surgeries affecting the skin and other areas around your arms.  

During Sports or Exercise

Athletes often wear compression sleeves during workouts or competitions. For any physical exercise—be it sports or a high-intensity routine—compression sleeves may help stabilize your muscles and reduce the impact force on your joints. This support aids in preventing debilitating or painful muscle cramps, keeping you active and safe during your workout. Marena’s compression activewear garments are designed to keep you cool while working out and help reduce soreness.   


Designed to help stabilize your muscles and provide support, compression sleeves may also provide many benefits after your workout. Compression garments work to soothe and support your muscles, helping to decrease soreness and give you a comfortable recovery after high-intensity physical activity.

General Arm Pain

Compression sleeves may help manage general arm pain or discomfort due to sports injury, chronic condition, or other ailment. You can wear a compression sleeve for casual support throughout the day, or shorter, more focused amounts of time during periods of high activity. No matter what you need them for, compression sleeves may help improve circulation, support muscles and joints, and alleviate pain, making it easier for you to do the things you love.

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