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June 05, 2020 3 min read

Meet Linda Burhance.
Linda leads Marena’s product development and design team with passion and integrity. She is instrumental in the design innovations happening at Marena.
Q: Tell us a bit about your background in design and product development.

A: “In my multiple decade career, I have always been highly interested in technical knits and technical garments that have an efficacious reason for being. I think my time designing compressive and figure forming garments has been very valuable in translating that knowledge into Marena’s post-surgical garments. 

For example, when designing a bra, you have to understand the physics behind it, and the patient need or procedure, in order to lift and support correctly. How does it fit on the body? Does it function correctly? Are we addressing the true medical needs of the patient and the clinician? That’s at the forefront of my mind. The science part in a non-medical device company is just as important as the science part in a medical company.”

Q: Marena is known as the global leader in comfortable, medical-grade compression. What makes Marena compression garments stand out in the industry? 

A: “The value of our patented fabric is like no other. The ability to maintain compression while not creating binding points, while supporting the skin and skin laxity, keeping scars flat, and managing edema. Swelling can be painful, so we’re helping reduce the pain. By supporting all those things, the patient may experience a better post-surgical outcome.

I’ve spent a lot of time in front of doctors who were trying to come up with product solutions to fill their patients’ need. One of the core values I learned in that experience is active listening. If you’re active listening to your medical professionals, or in some cases, the patients, and you combine that with highly technical design skills, it’s really magic.You can really provide solutions to help with whatever problem or need there is after a procedure.”

Q: Marena continues to excel in its technology and innovation.  Knowing you play such a large role in these products, what inspires you?

A: “The head of design and I have conversations about this on a regular basis. Our goal is to bring a product to the patient so that his or her healing journey is comfortable and medically authentic. We’re helping people heal— it’s like we’re giving them a hug. We feel like we’re part of their support system.
My inspiration for any project always has been the same thing— I’m a problem solver. If there is a need that comes to me, I want to try and find a solution that will benefit everyone involved.

There was a patient who had a very significant mastectomy surgery a few years ago. She had been 4 years past the surgery and had never been able to wear a bra since. After hearing her story, I sent her a Marena bra. She cried, and I remember her saying, “this is the one.” Then she said, “You know you don’t realize, as a woman we’re trained to be modest and wear bras. When you can’t wear one, you don’t feel normal, you don’t feel dressed.” She was so thankful that she could wear a bra that made her feel dressed, confident, and comfortable.”  

Any final thoughts?

“When I came to Marena I realized I had really big shoes to fill, because the owner/founder was a big force and built an amazing company that was positioned to help so many individuals. I knew that I needed to maintain her heritage and her vision. I hope that I have at least come close.”

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